Crêpes with Salted-Butter Caramel

October 30, 2014

All week long, Mimi Thorisson -- the blogger behind the beautiful blog Manger -- will be sharing recipes and stories from her new book, A Kitchen in France. Follow along to win a book + a bundle of Staub cookware each day, so you can pretend like you also live in the French countryside.

Today: Mimi teaches us how to make her favorite holiday crêpes.


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I grew up celebrating La Chandeleur, the Catholic holiday of Candlemas, on February 2 (forty days after Christmas): Every year, my family would eat these succulent crêpes prepared by my mother and grandmother.

I’ve kept this heartwarming and delicious ritual alive with my children, who have learned the recipe by heart -- because we don’t save it just for Candlemas. Every so often, they prepare the batter and surprise me. This recipe is so simple that anyone can make it! 

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Crêpes with Salted-Butter Caramel

Serves 8

For the crêpes:

2 1/3 cups all-purpose flour, sifted
3/4 cup granulated sugar
Pinch of fine sea salt
3 1/4 cups whole milk
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus more for cooking
2 tablespoons orange flower water

For the salted-butter caramel sauce:

3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup heavy cream, warmed
3 tablespoons salted butter (if using unsalted butter, add a generous pinch of salt)

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Photo by Oddur Thorisson

Every day this week, we're giving away a copy of A Kitchen in France and a bundle of Mimi's favorite Staub cookware! To win today's copy, tell us in the comments: What's your favorite holiday dessert? We'll choose winners this Friday, October 31st. (U.S. entrants only, please!) 

Update: LakelureladyonetinysparkDouble HelpingTerryKes, and rhubarb! rhubarb! rhubarb! are our winners! Enjoy your copies of A Kitchen in France and Staub cookware. 

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Mimi Thorisson is the author of Manger, a blog devoted to French cooking, and the host of La Table de Mimi on Canal+ in France. After a career in television and having lived in Hong-Kong, Singapore, London, Reykjavik, and Paris, she settled with her photographer husband, five young children, two older stepchildren, and the family's fourteen dogs in a rural farmhouse in Médoc.


Anne L. November 8, 2014
Best holiday dessert? Buche de Noel. Visually beautiful, simply delicious, and open to variations on a theme ~ mocha, dark chocolate, etc. What could be more perfect??
Chris K. November 1, 2014
Favorite French dish? After combing my brain; sweet, savory, main course, dessert, pastry, I think my favorite is Poulet Bon Femme from my mother's friend Solange. A perfect dinner suitable for family and friends, and a powerful tonic for a cold winter night
Alissa M. October 31, 2014
Cassata flavored gelato accompanied by a sip of prosecco! It's like fruit cake in ice cream form and it's SO much better that way.
Ging October 31, 2014
French pear tart
Morgan B. October 31, 2014
I make a cappuccino chocolate cheesecake very very occasionally. It's a lot of work but man is it worth it.
pandapotamus October 31, 2014
pumpkin pie!
Phillie F. October 31, 2014
My favorite holiday dessert is my mother's apple pie- deep dish, flaky crust and the best combination of spices. Anyone who has eaten it says that it is the best apple pie that they have ever tasted!
pretty_pathetic October 31, 2014
Mince pie is my favorite holiday dessert because I love the way my house smells when I make it.
Natalie October 31, 2014
Flourless chocolate cake
julie H. October 31, 2014
Tart tatin
Jessica October 31, 2014
Joy the Baker's sweet potato pie!
witloof October 31, 2014
Tart Tatin, pumpkin spice cake, and key lime pie!
Dona October 31, 2014
Pecan pie for sure.
Kelly G. October 31, 2014
Jane C. October 31, 2014
Pumpkin pie and chocolate bourbon BBC pecan pie
Heather G. October 31, 2014
My mom's brown sugar cinnamon kringle!
Joy H. October 31, 2014
Nian gao, to celebrate Chinese New Year
Roni October 31, 2014
Christmas sugar cookies. Hand decorated.
Suzanne C. October 31, 2014
Rummy pecan pie
haig P. October 31, 2014
Mince meat pie with hard sauce!