Gifts for Lovers of Books, Coffee, Cocktails & Good Food

November 28, 2014

Remember that feeling of panic when Christmas is days away and you have no gifts wrapped? Not this year! We're introducing our 2014 holiday gift guides -- with ideas for everyone on your list, arranged by personality and price.

Today: Got a friend who only drinks Ecuadorian coffee, or one who will only drink whiskey from a whiskey glass? Don't panic -- you don't have to be an expert in coffee, cocktails, books, or specialty foods to find the perfect gift for someone who is. That's where we come in.

For the Coffee Lover

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Perfect For: Your friend who only drinks pourover coffee, can explain the ideal number of bars of pressure for brewing espresso, and grimaces when you order a peppermint mocha latte.  

Our Picks: A "Let's Brew" t-shirt to wear their coffee pride on their sleeve; a nutty, caramel-tasting blend from Counter Culture Coffee; or a handsome brass pour-over stand that's prettier than any coffee maker.


For the Cocktail Connoisseur

Perfect For: Your co-workers who care if a cocktail is shaken or stirred, has a preferred brand of gin, and can explain what bitters are in their sleep. 

Our Picks: Copper Moscow Mule cups that they wouldn't buy themselves; a cap that turns a mason jar into a cocktail shaker so they can mix a good drink anywhere; or a magnetic bottle opener that will make their friends envious.

For the Book Worm

Perfect For: Your cousin who owns more than 20 back issues of Gourmet magazine, has read The Omnivore’s Dilemma twice, and keeps a dog-eared copy of The Joy of Cooking in his or her kitchen.

Our Picks: A signed cookbook dedicated to every possible way to prepare eggs; Genius Recipes: the smartest, most talked-about recipes paired with beautiful photography; the bible of pie from a beloved Brooklyn bakery.

For the Food Lover

Perfect For: Your sibling who has different olive oils for cooking and baking, loves anchovies, argues passionately over hot sauce brands, and can talk for hours about cheese.

Our Picks Sheet: An unusually shaped, saffron-infused pasta with a fun Italian name; a jar of caramel made saucy with gin and lime; Mountain Rose apples with a secret -- a bright pink interior.

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Photos by James Ransom

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