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January  9, 2015

We've scoured the web for our favorite food blog posts, and now we're bringing them right to your desktop. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

We all have our easy, go-to recipes to rely on, but every now and then, it's fun to switch things up. Just a few creative additions -- like rose petals to granola, dukkah to avocado toast, or candied orange peel to chocolate bark -- can infuse life into otherwise routine dishes. Stuck in a food rut? These links will help you get out of it.

Rose Petal Granola  Green MinestroneKouign-Amann  Avocado Toast

  • Take granola to the next level by adding rose petals, pecans, and cacao nibs. (Butter and Brioche.)
  • This green minestrone with kale-pistachio pesto will (probably) give you superpowers. (Vegetarian Ventures.)
  • Kouign-amann is "a croissant crossed with brioche, under the influence of a sugar bun." Make it immediately. (Seven Spoons.)
  • Spice up avocado toast with dukkah, a tasty nut and spice mixture from Egypt. (Faring Well.)

Spicy Shrimp Nachos  Beet Grapefruit JuiceVegetable Chowder  Chocolate Bark

  • Chipotle crema and pickled jalapeños will warm up spicy shrimp tacos. (Local Haven.)
  • This juice -- packed with beets, grapefruit, greens, and ginger -- will cure whatever ails you this winter. (With Food and Love.)
  • Ditch the clams and try this hearty all-vegetable chowder (with a crispy cabbage topping). (The First Mess.)
  • Make chocolate bark extra special by adding candied orange, crunchy almonds and pistachios, and flaky salt. (Life Love Food.)

Photos on top by (clockwise) Butter and Brioche, Vegetarian Ventures, Faring WellSeven Spoons

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Photos on bottom by (clockwise) Local Haven, With Food and Love, Life Love FoodThe First Mess

Which food blogs inspired you this week? Tell us in the comments!

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Ariadne E. January 12, 2015
Check out for fantastic and healthy recipes!
Regula Y. January 10, 2015
Great list!
Valeria January 10, 2015
Thanks for the love Lauren, in such great company! x
thalia H. January 9, 2015
Thanks for including my granola Lauren x
localhaven January 9, 2015
Oh yay, thanks so much for the love!
Love A. January 9, 2015 ! The non-dairy, creamy salmon, celeriac, tarragon chowder!
Lauren K. January 11, 2015
Beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing!
booglix January 9, 2015
Just wondering - have you made these recipes, or just liked the looks of them? Thx for clarifying!
Lauren K. January 11, 2015
Hi, Booglix! I feature recipes that look and sound great, but don't make them before the post goes live. I do, however, make most of them after! They never disappoint.

Hope that clears things up for you!
Jessie M. January 9, 2015
Thanks so much for the link love!! xoxo