Our Latest Contest: Your Best Recipe with 5 Ingredients or Fewer

March 16, 2015

Our latest contest is all about keeping your grocery list short and sweet.

5 Ingredients or Fewer Contest

There are few things more daunting in daily life than heading to the grocery store with an ingredient list that spans the length of your arm. For days when you need to keep your trip to the market short, what recipes do you turn to? From your stunningly simple three-layer lasagna to your no-frills apple pie, show us your best recipes with five ingredients or fewer.

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Photo by Mark Weinberg

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  • Panfusine
  • PazzoNico
  • inpatskitchen
  • mrslarkin
  • Sarah Jampel
    Sarah Jampel
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Panfusine March 16, 2015
Do spice blends count as a single ingredient?
PazzoNico March 16, 2015
Peanut butter.

So what do I win? ;)
inpatskitchen March 16, 2015
Any freebies here? Salt, pepper, water, oil for cooking?
mrslarkin March 16, 2015
I'm curious about this, too!
Sarah J. March 16, 2015
Salt, pepper, and water are freebies. As is love :)
inpatskitchen March 16, 2015
Thanks Sarah!