Tune in to Our Cocktail Hour on Meerkat!


Make Cocktails with Us: A Livestream Cocktail Hour

March 25, 2015

Cocktails are more fun with friends. And they're more fun at 3 PM on a Friday (why wait until 5?). Which is why, two days from now, we're going to capture our cocktail hour on Meerkat, an app that allows users to livestream video on Twitter. You can follow @Food52 on Meerkat here.

In a gesture of pure sincerity and blind faith, we're asking you to join us this Friday afternoon on Meerkat to help us bartend: Tune in on Friday at 3 PM EST and tell us what to put in our cocktails -- we'll drink anything once. Just download the Meerkat app on your iOS phone or tablet (or use a desktop computer); follow along by watching the livestream, and jump in on Twitter to join in on the fun. We want everything you've got: your tips, your favorite recipes, and your double dog dares at @Food52

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Mark your calendars: It's going to be a boozy Friday afternoon. 

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