Tipsy Maple Corn

October 22, 2010

In this action-packed video, A&M pop corn in pancetta fat and douse it with Jack Daniels, maple syrup and butter (all part of a balanced breakfast at food52) for thirschfeld's aptly named Tipsy Maple Corn.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by lovely and talented filmmaker Elena Parker.

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French F. November 18, 2010
I make so much popcorn when having film nights with friends so this recipe will be a welcome change to the boring butter or salty variety. I can't wait to try it out.
Krystal F. October 25, 2010
My mouth is watering. I am definitely trying this.
Kelly C. October 25, 2010
T-Hirsch! I love it! I always look forward to seeing what you will do next! I love how you mix serious talent and skill with your obvious sense of humor and creativity! You are the whole package my friend!
amandam1 October 24, 2010
Aaah what a great way to start my morning, you guys make me laugh!! Thanks for the video. Looks like a perfect rainy Sunday treat!
Amanda H. October 24, 2010
Thanks -- let us know how you like it.
Mr_Vittles October 23, 2010
Whiskey, a stick of butter, pancetta, and maple syrup? Talk about gilding the lily! Dionysus would be proud!
Amanda H. October 24, 2010
Yes, we couldn't resist the ingredient list.
AntoniaJames October 22, 2010
Best video ever! These Friday afternoon videos are such a treat. ;o)
Lizthechef October 22, 2010
Amanda H. October 24, 2010
Thank you!
theicp October 22, 2010
Nice one t-hirsch! I'm totally making this over the weekend.