A Unique Food-Related Marriage Proposal

April 10, 2015

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tofu press

When Sarah Jampel professed her love for her tofu press this week, we learned that she wasn't the only one who's professed their love for—or with—a TofuXpress. Food52er Mitra Khayyam says:

Not only do I swear by this device, but my husband also hid my engagement ring in there and tried to propose. I thought it came with the [TofuXpress] so I threw the ring box aside and never gave it a second thought!

Tell us: What's the best food-related marriage proposal you've heard?

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Photo by Bobbi Lin

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    Lindsay-Jean Hard
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mrslarkin April 11, 2015
My food-related proposal as I remember it: On a picnic at Vanderbilt Mansion. Ring strategically placed in a baguette. We were building sandwiches, I had no idea, took my time. He was like "ARENTYOUHUNGRYDOYOUWANTSOMEMAYO????!!!" We'll be celebrating 24 years in November.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 12, 2015
ahaha. My husband was equally eager with his proposal: "DON'TYOUWANTTOBRINGYOURPHONETODINNER?? YOU'REGOINGTOWANTYOURPHONE!!" Congratulations on almost 24 years!
henandchicks April 10, 2015
Food related proposals- My sweet (now) husband wanted to look smart when he proposed, and so put on the cleanest, nicest thing he owned at the time- the beautiful chef's coat reserved for competing and other "impress the guests" events. In comparison to me, the jacket (and soon to be husband) looked even better than usual, given that my own coat was filthy, the end of the work day, and so many things smelled nicer than me. He still asked, I said yes, the food at the wedding was great.