Editors' Picks — Paella

October 28, 2010

Spicy Andalusian Paella Scallop and Andouille Paella

Any food52 member is welcome to help us test our Editors' Pick candidates, so go call dibs on the recipe you'd like to test in the comments section below! We'd love to see some new testers in the mix. Don't forget to email us your notes (about 100 words) to [email protected] by next Tuesday at 5pm.

We'll collect your comments, decide the official list of Editors' Picks and publish your evaluation in the headnote if the recipe is selected as an Editors' Pick (with credit, of course!). And even if the recipe you test isn't chosen as an Editors' Pick, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!


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luvcookbooks November 3, 2010
Will test at least one seafood paella, tho late
HandRocksLadle October 31, 2010
Made the Triple Surprise Paella on Friday and it was amazing! Can't wait to try the others!!
allie October 31, 2010
Is there anything left to test?
Food52 November 1, 2010
Yes! And there's still time to test one of these before notes are due tomorrow evening: Rabbit on the Range, Paella La Rambla, Carol's Seafood Paella, Paella Des Lauriers, Spicy Seafood Paella with Andouille Sausage & Smoky Seafood Fideos
dymnyno October 29, 2010
I am honored that my Rabbit on the Range is mentioned here. Testers: you can substitute chicken for rabbit in this recipe if it makes it easier to get ingredients...rabbit is one of those "tastes like chicken" ingredients. (actually rabbit is much richer in flavor)
micki B. October 29, 2010
Thanks for EP for my Paella Verdura. .I created this dish for my vegetarian friends so they could share the "Paella Experience" - layers of flavors ,richness, color, and texture. Can't wait to hear comments!
cookinginvictoria October 29, 2010
Love the idea of a vegetarian paella. Looking forward to making this!
adamnsvetcooking October 28, 2010
WOW..Thank you FD52 for the EP and thank toy TiggyBee...This is a truly a nice and after a long day at the lab and meetings :)
onetribegourmet October 28, 2010
I feel honored, thank you so much for the~ Editor's Pick ~ for my Spicy Andalusian Seafood Paella !
luvcookbooks October 28, 2010
mystic mushroom paella, please
Sagegreen October 29, 2010
Thanks so much for selecting this. I hope you can find some wonderful mushrooms to work with! Oregon Mushrooms was very accommodating to me, but if you are in New York, you no doubt have amazing sources. I do highly recommend generous fresh ginger tones for the broth, too! Hope you like it.
ashleychasesdinner October 28, 2010
Thanks so much for the Editor's Pick for my Paella ( real original name)!
PhoebeLapine October 28, 2010
so glad you liked the scallop andouille!!
Sagegreen October 28, 2010
Thanks for nominating my mushroom paella! I also have to pass as a tester this week, as much as I would enjoy offering.
Sagegreen October 28, 2010
I might suggest possible substitutions of portabella and shitake mushrooms, if the wonderful matsutake and crimini are not available.
Kitchen B. October 28, 2010
Paella de Marisco please
Lys October 28, 2010
I would love to have the opportunity to test Paella Paella Paella :) Is it okay to split the recipe in half?
Food52 October 28, 2010
Sure, halving the recipe is fine!
allie October 28, 2010
Paella Manantiales Calientes, please. If my new paella pan doesn't arrive in time, I'll make it in a regular pan...
Food52 October 28, 2010
Shoot, it looks like dymynyno already snagged that one (but feel free to add your notes in the recipe's comments section). Are there any others you'd like to test?
allie October 28, 2010
Sorry, missed that! I'll try another time.
cookinginvictoria October 28, 2010
I haven't tested anything yet, but I'd like to start. May I have Paella Verdura, please!
Food52 October 28, 2010
Wonderful, we're glad you're going to test and please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
cheese1227 October 28, 2010
These all look wonderful. I am afraid I have to bow out of testing this week as I am traveling. Good luck to everyone and happy testing.
TiggyBee October 28, 2010
Triple Surprise Paella for me please!! : )
Lizthechef October 28, 2010
Nuts - you beat me to it - it sounds wonderful!
dymnyno October 28, 2010
paella manantiales calientes, please!