9 Ways to Celebrate the Birth of the Royal Baby

May  3, 2015

At 8:30 AM yesterday morning, the newest addition to the British royal family made her way into the world, weighing 8 pounds, 3 ounces. While we wait for the Queen to meet the young princess before the palace can officially announce the baby's name, we'll be celebrating her arrival the best way we know how—by cooking up a day's worth of Prince William's and Princess Kate's favorite foods.

Start with some scones for a classic English breakfast, or eat what the Duchess eats every morning: either muesli or porridge. For lunch, have fish and chips, a favorite of Prince William's, or a classic burger, which Kate favors. Finish the night with barbecue for dinner, a food they both love. No matter what you eat, make sure to cheers to the youngin' with a classic royal cocktail—we have more than a few below for you to choose from:

For a royal breakfast:

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Fresh Muesli with Apples, Currants, and Toasted Almonds by Viviane Bauquet Farre



Vanilla Fig Scones by fiveandspice


For lunch worthy of a prince and princess:

IPA-Battered Fish and Chips by tideandthyme


My Classic Burger with Special Sauce by Ashley Rodriguez


A dinnertime favorite in honor of the royal mother:

Salmon Burgers with Avocado Aioli by Kitchen Sink Diaries


Her Majesty's favorite sweets:

Individual Guinness Sticky Toffee Puddings with Ginger Cream by alyssalees



Maple Oatmeal Princess Coffee Cake by hardlikearmour


Drinks for celebrating the new Royal Highness:

Golden Plum Kir Royale "Bowle," A Fruity Summer Wine Drink by Sagegreen


Queens Park Swizzle by Erik Lombardo


What are some of your favorite British foods? Tell us in the comments below!

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I eat everything.


spochos May 5, 2015
born in Yorkshire (raised in U.S.) my favorite meal was my Mom's Lancashire Hotpot. Soft boiled egg and soldiers, the best breakfast!
Leslie S. May 5, 2015
I'd love to see the recipe! You should upload it to the site, then share it!
Avonlm May 4, 2015
Victoria Sponge is a lovely cake, and a Pimms' Cocktail is light and refreshing drink.
Alice May 4, 2015
Leslie S. May 4, 2015
I actually didn't know that! I'll take note for next time—thank you for letting me know! :)
Kourtney May 3, 2015
Pegeen, keep your political banter on a Fox News thread.
This website is about food and culture.
This post is great fun! Much appreciated food52! Will definitely be trying the swizzle! And Diane's scotch eggs! Yum!
Pegeen May 3, 2015
Unless you own this web site, please do not tell people what they can and cannot say. My comments were indeed about culture.
Saffron3 May 3, 2015
Thanks! This is a fun list! Here's to all the little princesses and little princes over the world; all darling and full of futures. A swizzle and a few salmon cakes whilst I work on the coffee cake!
Leslie S. May 3, 2015
Sounds like a perfect meal for a Sunday afternoon!
Stephanie May 4, 2015
Well said!
Diane F. May 3, 2015
Why, Scotch Eggs, of course!
Kourtney May 3, 2015
Great share! Can't wait to try these! Thanks
Leslie S. May 3, 2015
These look wonderful, thank you for the suggestion, Diane!
Pegeen May 3, 2015
p.s. And why should Americans be excited about the birth of a British baby? Our ancestors fought tooth and nail to create a different life.
Pegeen May 3, 2015
Disappointing that you're waving a flag for a particular country - in this case, Britain. They already have all the flag-waving they need. The USA does not need to donate more.
Leslie S. May 3, 2015
We love to celebrate food from other countries in our roundups whenever we have the opportunity to. You might prefer some of the recent roundups we've done on Cuban, Irish, Israeli, and Italian foods under the same column, "Menu Ideas." Cheers!
Pegeen May 4, 2015
Sorry, Leslie, if I seemed curmudgeonly. But there seem to be fewer and fewer columns lately on the site. So to devote a longer column to a baby who is not a historic moment for the USA seemed a little off. Obviously just my opinion! :-)
Leslie S. May 4, 2015
I'm sorry to hear you feel that way! We've actually increased our columns by quite a bit in the past few months, and this post was an addition on top of our regular schedule, but we are constantly generating new content so check back for more posts!
Pegeen May 4, 2015
I'm surprised to hear there are more columns, not fewer. It seems like many more topics are lists, rather than separate subjects, often linking to other istes. Maybe it's that the Comment topics have become much lighter.
Pegeen May 4, 2015
"sites," not "istes" Thanks!