Met Ball or Meatball? We Choose Meatball

May  5, 2015

Answer the following yes or no questions about yesterday evening:

1. Were you were wearing a ball gown?  
2. Did you rub elbows with Rihanna, Madonna, and/or Beyoncé?
3. Did you stay up to watch the sun rise above the East River?
4. Did you drink Champagne?
5. Did you eat meatballs?

If you answered yes to 4 or 5 of the above questions, congratulations: You were at the Met Ball, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual gala to benefit its Costume Institute.

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If you answered yes to at least question 5 and preferably one of the other questions (i.e. ate meatballs, met Beyoncé; ate meatballs, wore a ballgown; ate meatballs, drank Champagne), then you probably didn't miss out on the Met Ball anyway. 

These other not-Met Ball(s) will remind you that life's a ball (even if you're not invited to the Met Gala):

Fried Goat Cheese with Honey and Black Pepper by Alexandra Higgins


Spicy Korean-Style Gochujang Meatballs by foxeslovelemons


Any Kind of Meatball by Jestei


Dryer Balls (?)



Onigiri by Anna Hezel


White Chocolate Fennel Truffles by Sophia R


Moss Balls by Allison Baddley



Greek Chicken Meatballs by foxeslovelemons


Cheese Ball with Dried Cranberries by Phyllis Grant


Matzo Ball Soup by Joan Nathan


Pork Boudin Balls by inpatskitchen


Apricot, Date, and Cashew Snack Balls by Gena Hamshaw


Fudgy Bourbon Balls by Amanda Hesser

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cdilaura May 6, 2015
Great piece SJ!