Remembering Josh Ozersky

May  5, 2015

We lost one of the food world's greats yesterday, and we pay tribute in the best way we know how—by enjoying one of his favorite meals and revisiting some of his most memorable pieces and words.

Many of Ozersky's pieces resonate—many were hard to ignore, larger than life—but some have nuggets of wisdom that spoke especially loudly, that motivate us to find the good words, put them to paper, and continue the conversation on food. Here are five, just five, that we want to remember today because they are pure, distilled Ozersky:

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"Like attention, praise and porn, salt is one of those instant gratifiers that are easy to get too much of and hard to get by without." [Chefs Love Salt—Too Much and Not WellTIME]

"You need to use them, profusely, with an open heart and a heavy hand. If you start thinking too much about their value, they will have no value at all." [Happiness is a $14 Truffle, Rachael Ray]

"Food is romantic only if someone already likes you." [Why Cooking Won't Win You Love, Esquire]

"MFK Fisher must die." [Consider the Food WriterMedium]

"I believe he thought of his whole life as the waste product of his art." [Solitary ManSaveur]

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Guy May 6, 2015
@ChefJune - Perhaps I misunderstood your implication,but are you trying to suggest that Josh's cause of death was related to over-eating/indulging? Is that really appropriate since you have no idea what actually caused his death and you are just making an insensitive assumption?

ChefJune May 5, 2015
Josh's death is shocking and tragic. Such a wonderful writer, and such a young man. We need to reflect on all aspects of his loss, and resolve to love ourselves as much as we love to eat, so we can maintain a balance between good health and extravagance. Too much, even of the most delicious food, can be destructive.