Editors' Picks — Paella

November  4, 2010

Paella de Marisco

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TiggyBee November 5, 2010
And thank you for the wonderful recipe!! : )
luvcookbooks November 5, 2010
I'm trying to test all the untested paella recipes. SallyCan tested my untested pie recipe and I sort of felt that it became an honorary ep.

Tonight kitchen butterfly's paella recipe. Apparently I could get frozen langoustines from Citarella if I ordered ahead, but she ok'd a substitution with shrimp. The fish guy said I could use lobster, too, but my credit card is too thin. He said either way it's not going to be langoustines. Are langoustines really 8-12 oz each? How can you put 8-10 in a recipe of paella then? I'm using a lb of shrimp or so.
Kitchen B. November 5, 2010
8 ounces each - no way! I must have had mini ones then, fresh from the Mediterrean sea :-) as I got 8 langoustines which weighed in at about 150g! Thank you luvcookbooks, you made this litte girl (ok big girl) happy. LOL
Kitchen B. November 5, 2010
And I love you 'thin' credit card
luvcookbooks November 6, 2010
Hey, it was great! Sent the review and posted it under comments. I feel so intimidated about cooking seafood, because it's expensive and perishable, so it's hard to get started. This turned out to be relatively simple to cook and unbelievably delicious. I was amazed when I put the tea towel over the finished paella and the rice obediently sucked up all the liquid that was still in the dish while melding. I learned a lot.
Sagegreen November 4, 2010
Thanks, luvcookbooks, for the flattering review!
themissingingredient November 4, 2010
Thirsfeld, your paella photo should be on the cover of a cookbook.
adamnsvetcooking November 4, 2010
Thank you TiggyBee for the wonderful review :)
TiggyBee November 5, 2010
And thank you for the wonderful recipe!! : )
dymnyno November 4, 2010
OH boohoo!! I was originally an EP but no one tested my recipe! The ones that were tested are all wonderful and congratulations!
SallyCan November 4, 2010
Hi dymnyno, I wanted to tell you that I think that your recipe looks delicious. I would have tested it had I not been so busy last week, and I do plan on making it one of these days. Will send you a note when I do ;)