This Week in Our Company Chat Room

In Overheard, we're sharing all of the best tidbits we couldn't help picking up onfrom smart tips on the Hotline to funny quotes heard around the water cooler and more.

Here at Food52, we use HipChat to stay connected—we chat to cut down on email, give quick office updates, and, you know, give away broth and fat slices of Wagyu. Sometimes a day's worth of conversations reads like an amaglam of P.S.A.s, and sometimes it plays out like found poetry. We're sharing the latter with you. And with that, here's a minute-by-minute look at Food52 life this week: 

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6:51 AM Michael Hoffman: Release going out right now.
1:30 PM Haley Sonneland: anyone know someone who works at conde nast traveler?
1:32 PM Amanda Sims: I do
1:44 PM Ali Slagle: fig, chocolate, oatmeal cookies in the staff kitchen!
2:45 PM Leslie Stephens: @here delicious vietnamese chicken and mango salad in the team fridge! have if for lunch now or take it home for dinner! :)
2:53 PM Derek Laughren: I have two hard boiled eggs if anybody is in the market
3:22 PM Haley Sonneland: anyone know the name of the messenger service we use?
3:22 PM Bridget Williams: zipments?
3:23 PM Derek Laughren: I have five quarts of chicken broth that need a good home.
3:23 PM Bridget Williams: i'd love some chicken broth!
3:25 PM Micki Balder: Oo I'd take some too @DerekLaughren
3:40 PM Derek Laughren: @MickiBalder @BridgetWilliams It's in the freezer cooling down—they're labelled chicken broth 5/19
3:55 PM Derek Laughren: Did anybody happen to take or move the wagyu sausages from the test kitchen fridge?
5:03 PM Haley Sonneland: Important information on the man always looking for a girlfriend on street signs cc @KenziWilbur 
5:05 PM Leslie Stephens: "After a couple hundred dates and 161 hookups in the past eight months" wow did not see that one coming
5:05 PM Micki Balder: seriously!
5:05 PM Haley Sonneland: Ya that was a little TMI
5:06 PM Michael Hoffman: Not that he's keeping track
5:09 PM Kenzi Wilbur: @LeslieStephens i just highlighted the exact same quote to paste here. also, presumptuous: "I learned more about women than women know about themselves"
5:34 PM Derek Laughren: Wagyu tasting happening now.
5:39 PM Bridget Williams: um, everyone, please try this Wagyu 

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