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From Where We Stand: the Weekend in Photos

May 25, 2015

A glimpse into our editors' lives through square snapshots, here's how the world looks from where we stand.

Today: Adventures in style near and far, from the holiday weekend.

Leslie Stephens
This weekend, I headed North to Maine, which meant more lobster rolls than I've ever eaten, long hikes, tipped canoes, and more lobster rolls. (This crab roll/fried clams/lobster roll trio is from Red's Eats off of Route 1 in Wiscasset, and was easily my favorite.) —Leslie

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Rockaway Park Amanda Sims
Even on a windswept, too-cold-for-a-bikini Sunday, the Beach 97th Street Concession at Rockaway Park were slinging snacks like it was a Summer Friday—and we all braved the beach by pretending it was 20 degrees warmer than it was. —Amanda


Cafe Ali SlagleMost tourists go to the Statue of Liberty, but I take out-of-towners to the Barney Greengrass fish counter. —Ali


Home Sarah JampelMy grandparents have been living in this house in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for over 45 years. Whenever we have family events, my dad's three siblings and their children all come together to eat the mini Dove bars in my grandparents' freezer. —Sarah


Brewery Sam Weiss-Hills The beginnings of Suarez Family Brewery. —Sam


Curtain Before Kenzi Wilbur  Curtain After Kenzi WilburCurtain hanging sans ladder can indeed be hacked. Here are phases 1 and 2. —Kenzi


Brooklyn Heights Kristen MigloreBuilt-in shelving envy at my friend Lissa's in Brooklyn Heights. —Kristen

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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