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6 Home & Design Links to Love This Week

June  5, 2015

Inspired by our food-focused Links We Love, today's roundup is a selection of fascinating home, art, design, and DIY posts from around the internet this week.

Today: Heavy locks, styling home photography, and the art of virtual reality.

Wooden Interior  Wooden Interior The Jungalow

  • Justina Blakeney's roundup of interiors with exposed raw wood accents (and structures) reminds us that even indoors we'd always rather be outside (preferably in a log cabin deep in the woods). (The Jungalow)


Shop the Story


  • A 2014 essay on the controversy of love locks ("They’re about ego; trying to lock down one tiny corner of the world—literally—to prove you were there, and that attitude can create very real damage."), republished with news that Paris' famed Pont des Arts, pictured above, is going to be cleared of its 45 tons of heavy metal. (Refinery 29)


Vintage Cast Iron Brette Warshaw

  • In this week's Hey, Mr. Food Editor, Sam Sifton shares the best reason to shop in "junk shops in towns not known for antiques," where quality vintage cast iron won't cost an arm and a leg—if you can find it. (NYTimes)


Ice Cream jim bachor  Ice cream Jim Bachor

  • Mosaic artist Jim Bachor bests the old adage about life giving you lemons: When winter gives you pot holes, fill them with ice cream art. (The Jealous Curator)


Google's Cardboard App JOSH VALCARCEL/WIRED

  • Google's new Cardboard Design Lab app is making virtual reality more accessible by explaining its design principles through an experience in (meta-alert!) virtual reality. Just put your phone in this box and watch. (Wired)


How to Style a Room for a Photo  Fiona Galbraith

  • As effortless as interior designers make their portfolio spaces look, it's no surprise that there's an art to the imperfection. Here's a step-by-step look at how one designer make it happen. (The Transcontinental Affair)

Photos by Terence Conran’s New House BookThe Way we Live with the Things we LovePierre Suu/Getty Images, James Ransom, Jim Bachor, Jim Bachor, Josh Valcarcel/Wired, and Fiona Galbraith, respectively. 

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Paula J. June 6, 2015
They are about to cut all the love locks off the fence in France because they believe they have become an eyesore or nuisance
ninastrauss June 6, 2015
why go in this direction of home design. you are a food blog; why not stick with food unless it is for additional advertising?