This Week in Our Company Chat Room: American Girl Dolls, Head Replacements

June 12, 2015

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In the editors' HipChat room this week, conversation ranged from the mundane (pleas for coffee and brainstorming sessions) to the bizarre (cat breading, yes, it's apparently a thing).  But the topic that really sent us into a frenzy wasn't food-related, but American Girl dolls.

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Two back-to-back new hires mentioned American Girl doll recipes in their introductory Q&As, which sent us on a trip down memory lane. Stories flew back and forth so fast it was hard to keep up: who had which doll (Samantha was the most popular), whether or not anyone ever had to send a doll to the hospital (head replacement is indeed an actual option), and what we learned from reading American Girl publications (Executive Editor Kristen Miglore picked up the hiccup cure she still uses today from American Girl magazine).

If you're busy trying to guess who had which doll, we'll reveal Merrill's (we just hope her sister isn't reading this):

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Tell us: Did you have an American Girl doll? Which one did you have (or wish you had)?

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smozark June 16, 2015
Felicity all the way!!! That blue dress was amazing. And she saved a horse! And got to climb up on top of the house to eat apples and read books! AND smuggled delicious goody baskets to a runaway hiding in the woods. I just realized I still want to be her...
Stephanie June 15, 2015
Pretty sure your choice in American Girl dolls is a dead give away on your age. I'm going to date myself here (ha!) but I remember when the only dolls that existed were the OGs: Samantha, Kirsten, Molly. That was long before the Pleasant Company sold to Mattel and started putting out a new girl every other week.

I chose the Samantha (classy, brown eyed, brown haired - like me) and my sister had Molly (mischievous but sweet, blue eyed and brown haired - like her).

I remember being excited about the new girls (Felicity, Addie, and Josephina) as they came out and read the books but had already picked and love "my" doll. Aaahhh, memories.
Meaghan F. June 13, 2015
Wanted one, BADLY, but Santa can be a real jerk sometimes. :) Felicity, Molly, and Samantha were my favs, in that order - and yes, their recipes were some of my earliest kitchen experiences!! I specifically remember Samantha's jam-filled cookies. Thank you for this trip down memory lane, I haven't thought about AG for years.
Cassandra P. June 13, 2015
Am I going to sound like such a jerk if I said I had them all? Felicity was my first and favorite, followed by Molly/Kit... Josephina had the best clothes, though.
henandchicks June 12, 2015
+1 Samantha...then passed her to my own daughter! A little worse for wear, but still cool as the other side of the pillow.
Amanda June 12, 2015
Molly for the win! Aww, good times. Remember how exciting it was when the catalog came in the mail?
Tracy M. June 12, 2015
Wait, I totally forgot about Kit. She was the best. With the typewriter - aren't you all journalists?
Sarah J. June 12, 2015
Kit all the way!! Then Kirsten.
Tracy M. June 12, 2015
MOLLY was the best. So plucky. Samantha a close second.