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Dinner for (Kids') Lunch

June 12, 2015

If you like reading what Amanda feeds her kids, you'll love taking a look into what other people—both in the food world and the world at large—prepare for their own children (and occasionally their signifcant others and maybe even their pets). Prepare to be either resentful or appreciative of your own parents.

Who's to say what's lunch and what's dinner? Today's lunch comes from Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life, who serves lunch that could be dinner and dinner that could be lunch. 

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Growing up as an Asian-American kid in Seattle meant that my parents fed me a staple diet of steamed white rice. Fresh rice was available 24 hours a day—it was always made in a rice cooker and kept warm for my siblings and me, and it was not unusual for us to eat rice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—although I personally preferred cold cereal or toast in the mornings, a PB&J for lunch, and then a simple rice bowl of a green vegetable and a protein (typically chicken, beef, or fish) for dinner.

My own three kids eat a variety of different foods for each meal of the day. Like me, they usually stick to traditional breakfast items, but lunch and dinner are very interchangeable. In fact, we eat more dinner-type meals for lunch and more lunch-type meals like sandwiches for dinner, which is because we are usually taking our dinner with us to a softball or baseball game.

A recent meal my kids have been eating frequently for lunch and dinner is black cod quickly marinated in a sweet miso-sake sauce and then glazed again after coming out of the oven. The delicate nature of this fish is what makes it so good and perfect for pairing with simple steamed broccoli and steamed rice, that staple of my youth.  

This lunch may not be very common in other people’s homes, but I’m very proud of the fact that we love rice dishes for lunch.

Photo by Alice Currah

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