Homemade, Infinitely Customizable Nut Butter Is Yours

June 18, 2015

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Today: KatieQ and her friend Furst Bites blend together homemade nut butters every which way. 


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Maybe you already know that homemade nut butters come together faster than you can drag yourself to the grocery store, faster even than it takes for your bread to toast up. Maybe you even read our Not Recipe for nut butters. No? Put down that plastic jar! KatieQ is here to remind you of just how simple homemade nut butters are: Pick your nuts, roast them if you wish, add flavorings (maple syrup? cayenne pepper? cocoa powder?) as desired, and blitz in a blender. If you never go back to the jarred stuff—well, we can hardly blame you.

Have you made your own nut butters before? What are your favorite flavor combinations? 

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Tasha September 18, 2015
You never ever need to add any oil! Roughly 20 minutes of blending in a food processor will turn any nut into a creamy, buttery consistency.
Caroline L. September 18, 2015
great tip! thanks, tasha!
Jack W. June 24, 2015
What kind of oil do you use?
Caroline L. June 25, 2015
you can use any kind! i like olive oil, but any sort of neutral oil (like vegetable or canola) or coconut oil would also work.
Angel June 19, 2015
Has anyone comparedd the price of homemade vs store bought?
Sheila H. June 19, 2015
This sounds wonderful, I will try it, hope it does work in the blender,
Nick F. June 19, 2015
I make almond butter for the whole fan and everyone loves it. My favorite right now is maple syrup almond butter, but I've also made dark chocolate, and honey and vanilla bean as well. The only secret is letting it process for 20-30 minutes in the food processor. So easy, and so good!
Jessica K. June 18, 2015
Love making my own but butters!! Just did a almond, Brazil nut, cashew butter or ABC butter!! Delicious!
James June 18, 2015
I eat quite a bit of almond butter mixed with cocoa. I haven't tried making it at home. Not sure if my old blender can handle it.
Caroline L. June 18, 2015
If you give it a try, let us know how it goes!