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This Week in Our Company Chat Room: Coffee Orders, Take Two

July  3, 2015

In Overheard, we're sharing all of the best tidbits we couldn't help picking up onfrom smart tips on the Hotline to funny quotes heard around the water cooler and more.

Earlier this week, we learned that baristas often have the power to predict a customer's coffee order. If you push a stroller into a coffee shop, don't be too surprised if the barista hands you an iced latte almost before you can get the words out. Iced lattes are popular among parents not just due to the warm weather, but because the best beverage option when wrangling children is the hands-free option with a straw. (The other best option involves a nip of alcohol, but they don't serve that at most coffee shops.)

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Our coffee order quiz was compiled from observations from Sharon Kazes of Seven Grams Caffe and Claire Wampler of Joe Coffee—experts in their field. And while their iced latte prediction works about one-third of the time, of course other non-parent people like iced lattes, too: People like Executive Editor Kristen Miglore, who arrives at the office with an iced latte every single day. Prompted by Kristen's never-wavering coffee order, we were inspired to come up with our own list of factors we'd use to help predict coffee orders:

Tell us: what's your coffee order?

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Maria July 6, 2015
Nitro coffee with tonic in the summer please!