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How to Cook a Little Smarter Every Week

July  2, 2015

Tune in for episode 9 of Burnt Toast! (Want to catch up? Listen to our past episodes here.)

Today we dedicate our whole episode to a roundtable on meal planning: Amanda, Merrill, and Kenzi answer questions from our staff and community about how to cook smarter every week. Highlights include refrigerator graveyards, condiment guilt, and why avocado toast is a little like comfortable underwear. 

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AntoniaJames July 28, 2015
Amanda, if you have any doubts about the stock in your freezer, just defrost it in the microwave and take a little sip. It might be a little flat, but depending on what you're using it for, it generally will be fine. Also, if you religiously put the date on the label, you can rotate items forward / up every week or so to make sure that nothing gets too old.
The problem most people have with their food planning activities seems no different from the problems many people have with all the other bits and pieces of information in their lives - they don't review it frequently enough for the purpose of taking action, noting next steps for follow up, etc. (GTD principles at work here.) ;o)
Emily L. July 9, 2015
soo ready for the future book teased in this episode! as someone who lives alone and cooking a meal equates to almost a five servings I would love ideas for making leftovers 'fresh' and different!
Julie M. July 4, 2015
I'm all about whole milk ricotta toasts! I do them frequently for breakfast with fresh fruit like strawberries and mint or right now yellow nectarines and a sprinkle of granola and slivered almonds. Always with a drizzle of honey. I'll have to try your savory go-to's for dinner.
Anabel July 3, 2015
For weeknight desserts, I like to make cookie dough over the weekend and freeze it in already formed balls so that they can easily be popped into the oven. That way you avoid the platter of cookies problem and can have freshly baked cookies whenever you like.