Winner of Your Best Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

July 29, 2015

A big congratulations to EmilyC, whose Roasted Cherry Sorbet was voted Your Best Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.

We partnered with Califia Farms for this contest—and they're giving the lucky winner a Vitamix.


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This week, EmilyC's Roasted Cherry Sorbet won the contest for Your Best Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts! Winning one of our recipe contests is nothing to sniff at—but this most recent win is EmilyC's eighth title. In addition to the fame and glory that comes from being a contest winner, EmilyC will also receive a Vitamix from our friends at Califia Farms. (Lucky!) 

Basil Salad
Left, basil growing in EmilyC's garden; right, her Grilled Bread Salad with Broccoli Rabe and Summer Squash.


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Pandowdy Toasts

Shrimp Radicchio

Smoothie Braised

Photo of basil provided by EmilyC; photos of sorbet and bread salad by Mark Weinberg; photos of pandowdy, toast, smoothie, and roasted radicchio by James Ransom; photo of burgers and potatoes by Food52

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HUIUHUH December 22, 2015
delish is what this ish pls eat a dish with this fish!
creamtea July 30, 2015
Congrats! Enjoy that Vitamix!
EmilyC July 30, 2015
Thanks so much everyone for the kind words! This community is the greatest. I'm beyond thrilled, and the Vitamix prize is icing on the cake. My current blender can barely handle a milkshake, so this will be a HUGE step up. : )
drbabs July 30, 2015
Natalie July 30, 2015
Tough competition!! Congratulations!! :)
anka July 29, 2015
Congratulations well deserved !
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 29, 2015
cookinginvictoria July 29, 2015
Yay Emily! Have fun with your new Vitamix!! Very sweet prize. :)
Midge July 29, 2015
Hurray Emily!!
meganvt01 July 29, 2015
Fantastic recipe as usual Emily - congrats on a well deserved win and a vitamix!!!
Caroline L. July 29, 2015
emily, this sorbet is so delicious! congrats!
ChefJune July 29, 2015
Congratulations, EmilyC! I am looking forward to making this mouthwatering sorbet.
Jane K. July 29, 2015
Congrats Emily!!