Dinner Party

If Amanda Hesser Seats You at the End of the Table

July 30, 2015

Tune in for episode 11 of Burnt Toast! (Want to catch up? Listen to our past episodes here.) 

Today we’re answering your questions about dinner parties. We talk tips and tricks, and then we’ll get to the good stuff: What to do if the food doesn’t come out, how to gracefully ask lingering guests to leave for the night, and why doing the dishes passive aggressively is never a good move. 

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1 Comment

Jade G. July 31, 2015
It takes experience, or else self assurance, to deal with party disasters. I made quiche for a party years ago, and it refused to "set". Thank goodness I made made a filling soup to accompany, as that and bread were dinner!
I love the ideas for ending the party courteously. That's sometimes a challenge and I will remember these.