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Beyond Takeout: 10 Delivery Services for Every Part of Your Life

August  7, 2015

Because we love what's happening in the food delivery space (what's up Good Eggs, Marley Spoon!), we've rounded up delivery companies that are bringing all other kinds of comforts to your door. 

For the bedroom:

Casper Mattresses 
1. Casper: "Better sleep for brighter days"

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Delivery to all 50 U.S. states & Canada

Not only did Casper design a super comfy memory-foam mattress that's the hallmark of their advertising campaign, but their product also squishes down to fit in a small box, is delivered to your doorstep on demand, and is very affordable compared to its competitors (and the cost includes shipping). Plus, within their a 100-day "trial period," returns are free—no questions asked.

The recent launch of Casper's content wing, called "Van Winkle," covers all facets of "sleep as it impacts wakefulness"—and has us curious to see what's next for this friendly ghost.


2. Washio: "Better. Faster. Cleaner." 

Pickup & delivery in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley/Oakland, Boston, Chicago & Washington, D.C.

Started by two millenials using their own money in 2013, Washio is an on-demand laundry service that now operates in six cities. Drivers, as independent contractors, use their own cars to pick up your laundry when you make an online request, and it's then returned to your doorstep the following day. 


For Plants and Flowers:

The Sill Houseplant Delivery

3. The Sill: "Bring the outdoors in."

Delivery to all 50 U.S. states

With the simple goal of getting more houseplants into more homes, The Sill offers nationwide delivery of hand-potted, U.S.-grown houseplants. If you live in New York, there are more plants to choose from, but the selection for ships-anywhere includes at least five plants under $50 each and six sets of minis—including ferns, succulents, snake plants, and terrarium collections. Their website also offers tips for caring for your new plant.


4. urbanstems: "The easiest way to send happiness."

Delivery in Washington, D.C. & New York City

Sourcing their flowers directly from sustainable farms in Ecuador, Urbanstems offers bouquets of seasonal flowers that are grown for longevity—and then delivered by bike to your door. Their on-demand service means that if you remember your friend's birthday at 3 P.M., it's not too late to get him flowers delivered right before he heads off to happy hour. 


For Unmentionables:

Meundies Underwear Delivery  MeUndies Underwear Delivery

5. MeUndies: "Real convenience, true comfort."

Delivery to all 50 U.S. states & Canada 

No matter how much you love your undies, you're eventually going to need new ones—and probably sooner than you'd like to go shopping for them. Enter MeUndies, a subscription-based underwear delivery service that sends super comfy, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial unmentionables on a regular basis. 

You pick the color and cut (trunks, briefs, bikinis, thongs, or boyshorts, plus a whole range of loungewear and sleep shirt options), and MeUndies will arrive in a fairly discreet package every month (or more often, or less!).  


6. Diaperkind: "A cloth diaper resource for New York City."

Pickup & delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and parts of Queens & the Bronx

Based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Diaperkind is here to make the world of cloth diapers a slightly less terrifying one. When you sign up, they'll deliver a weekly supply of 100%-organic cotton diapers (along with a "heavy duty diaper pail" that locks in odors) to your door, and then pick up and replace dirty ones on a designated "Exchange Night" each week in your neighborhood.

Diaperkind launders the used diapers using an E.P.A.-certified plant-derived detergent, so there's no way for even the strictest parents to take issue with the system—and they even offer folding videos, support groups (!), and classes so you can learn the ropes. 


For Right After Work: 

Minibar Liquor Delivery

7. Minibar: "Wine, spirits & beer delivered."

Delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Jersey City, the Hamptons, Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Austin, Houston, Denver & Minneapolis

Place your drink order—be it wine, spirits, or beer—through the Minibar app and hit order. Alcohol delivery, supplied by local vendors, has never been easier.


8. Parcel: "Never miss another delivery."

Delivery to Manhattan & Brooklyn

Designed with New Yorkers—specifically those without doormen—in mind, Parcel is a service that hand-delivers your packages right when you want them. Just have your package sent to their headquarters and when it arrives, you'll get a text to sort out a good time for them to bring it by. No guessing, no trips to the post office in a faraway part of your borough, just your stuff, right when you want it. 


For the Bathroom:

LOLA Tampon Delivery

9. LOLA: "A better month awaits you."

Delivery to all 50 U.S. states

An exciting venture into the world of feminine products, LOLA is making taking the frustration out of the ordeal that is monthly tampon purchasing. "We care about everything else we put in our bodies—this shouldn't be any different," their site states. You choose the quantity, the sizes, and how often you want to receive them, and LOLA will deliver 100%-cotton tampons in a customized pack to your door.


10. Dollar Shave Club: "A great shave for a few bucks a month." 

Delivery to all 50 U.S. states

While they definitely cater to the face-shaving crowd, Dollar Shave Club is taking great strides in making it easier for anyone who shaves to have a sharp razor on hand at all times. Choose from 2, 4, or 6 blades and a new set of cartridges will be delivered to you every (or every other) month.

Photos by Casper, The Sill, MeUndies, Minibar & Lola, respectively.

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Charsoel November 30, 2021
Doug August 14, 2015
Trunk club is also one that is great for guys that don't want to go clothes shopping.
AntoniaJames August 7, 2015
Have you not heard about ePantry?
Environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products and household paper supplies, compostable "plastic" bags of all kinds - ideal for food waste, if your city has a green-waste program -- etc., not to mention their smart dashboard interface that figures out how much you need based on actual usage and prior orders; handy reminders a week before and then a day before your scheduled shipment; and, perhaps most important, extraordinary customer service.

They were a small start up in San Francisco when I became one of their first subscribers. They've grown to over 20,000 subscribers in a surprisingly short time, and their service just keeps getting better and better. Highly recommended! ;o)

P.S. When they say "100% Happiness Guaranteed," they really mean it. I suspect that their commitment to your happiness has a lot to do with their phenomenal growth.
Amanda S. August 7, 2015
Sounds very helpful. Thanks for sharing!
Anne S. August 7, 2015
Another great one, particularly for women, is True&Co. If undies are a 'schtik' to buy, bras are even more so.
Amanda S. August 7, 2015
Amen, sister. Will look them up!
Leslie S. August 7, 2015
never leaving my house again