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Why You Should Feed Your Kids Pizza for Breakfast

August 13, 2015

And other rules on cooking with (and for kids) that we may or may not follow. (Want to catch up? Listen to our past episodes here.) 

Today we're talking about the beauty and chaos that is feeding our children. Together with writer Phyllis Grant—and a studio full of kids (Amanda's twins, Merrill's daughter Clara, and Phyllis' son Dash)—we cover rules, haphazard recipe development, and why you might not want to feed eggplant to a child under the age of 9. 

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Stephanie October 8, 2015
Where can I find the knife with the knob that someone mentioned for their kids? Right now, my 4-year old is using a paring knife but is about ready for chef knife. Thanks!
LauriL August 20, 2015
Loved this episode! Great to have the kids input and to hear their mama's good sense on trying everything on their plate before deciding whether it was worth another bite!
LLStone August 13, 2015
We had no-thank-you bites. You could try 3 and then say no thank you. My kids will eat/try just about anything.