Pack This Picnic (and Playlist) for Your Next Bike Ride

We partnered with Food Should Taste Good to share our favorite recipes to pair with your weekend adventures (and a playlist to take along too).

Break out your baskets: We're heading to the great outdoors—by bike. Where, exactly, who knows. All that matters is we have pimento cheese and hours to take in all the nature-y things. (We're bringing along a game, too, for when we reach our destination.)

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Whether you're planning a picnic or more of a biking excursion, the food needs to be portable. There's no time for soggy sandwiches or sad, limp saladsHere's an easy, packable menu:

While chriping birds and leaves rustling are a soundtrack all on their own, this playlist will keep you going when you reach the hills:

Photos by Alpha Smoot, James Ransom, and Mark Weinberg

Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Chips are made with nutty flaxseed, quinoa, and organic blue corn—and make a good companion to this pimento cheese. We're packing them up for all of our weekend adventures, so see all of their tortilla chips here.

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A New Way to Dinner, co-authored by Food52's founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, is an indispensable playbook for stress-free meal-planning (hint: cook foundational dishes on the weekend and mix and match ‘em through the week).

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