How to "Make" Lunch When You Don't Want to Spend Time in the Kitchen

September 11, 2015

Just because you're thirty-three weeks pregnant doesn't mean your other children don't need lunch.

I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and preparing for baby number two. We're so excited, but as most pregnant women will tell you, time spent in the kitchen is usually kept at a minimum. My motto at this point is to keep it simple and healthy, so we eat a lot of basic meals: simple quinoa salads, grilled chicken and vegetables, yogurt and get the idea. At this point, it's more about assembly, rather than cooking.

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When I'm packing lunch for our two-year-old daughter, I make sure it's food both she and I will eat—because let's face it: Toddlers aren't always hungry and if they're not, their meal turns into yours. She's always eaten a version of what we're having, and it's been fun to see her tastes start to develop as she gets older. 

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Today's lunch consisted of grilled cheese, a tomato and mozzarella salad, and with a side of pickles. It's an on-the-go summer lunch that transitions easily to a picnic—and both she and I can enjoy it.

Photo by Amanda Jane Jones

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Amanda Jane Jones

Written by: Amanda Jane Jones