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Do You Need Some Advice?

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We're starting an advice column—and we need your questions.

Are you searching for food- and life-related answers that you're not going to get on Google? For example:

  • I am committed to eating locally in [generic urban center], but whenever I go to my parents' house in [generic suburban neighborhood], there's corn in December and butternut squash in July. Am I a snob for urging them to think seasonally and buy from farmers markets? How can I eat the way I want without disrespecting them? 

  • I got invited to my friend's house for dinner this weekend. Her family is South Asian and I am pitiful when it comes to spicy food. What do I do?

  • I'm in my mid-20s and trying to save money. My roommates and I often host potluck-style dinner parties at our apartment and most guests bring alcohol (and a few bring food). We want to try something new—providing the complete meal and asking people to contribute a few dollars. What's the best way to tell guests of our new plan?

  • My son and his girlfriend are coming to visit and she often makes disparaging comments about the way we eat: how the food is prepared, its nutritional value, etc. He loves her, but I find her commentary—and complaints—unbearable. I still want to be a good host. How can I make her feel comfortable without giving in?

  • HELP! I don't want to talk about beer anymore but all of my friends are obsessed with it. How can I redirect the conversation before I fall asleep?

If you have a question you need addressed—something a little more personal and involved than what you might ask on the Hotline (think of this as the Dear Prudence for food) we want to hear it. 

Leave a comment below or email [email protected] (and specify if you'd like to remain anonymous). 

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