Where Should Our Editors Go in Portland?

September 16, 2015

We've been telling you our favorite spots, but now it's your turn to play tour guide. Where should Leslie and Kenzi go during their long weekend in Portland?

Our Assistant Editor Leslie and Managing Editor Kenzi are leaving for Portland for the four-day food festival, Feast Portland (stay tuned for live updates on the site and via Snapchat). They'll be spending most of their days at the festival (tips for pacing yourself while eating copious amounts of food also welcome), but during their free time, where should they go eat, shop, sit, and drink? Here are things of particular interest:

  • Best doughnut shops (Yes, we're going to Voodoo. But are there other lesser-known spots they can't miss?)
  • Craft beer
  • Spots to grab a cocktail
  • Coffee shops that aren't Starbucks 
  • Design shops
  • Parks and places to go for a hike (to take full advantage of being out of Manhattan)

They'll try to go to as many of your suggestions as possible, so look out for a round up of their favorite spots next week.

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Anne September 19, 2015
Pips Donuts, Breakside for beer, Ink and Peat for design, Heart for coffee. Good cocktails at Imperial (and great fried chicken as well). Other high points: Luce, Bunk, Olympic Provisions.
Verdigris September 18, 2015
I really enjoy the foraged mushrooms at the Urban Farmer. So so different from any other mushrooms I have ever had.

It's a small thing, catsup, but it can really make a burger or fries. Portland has two worth investigating. One brand is Portland's Own Catsup and the other brand is Camden's Catsup. Portland's Own is a catsup that is not too sweet and displays tomatoey goodness. Camden's is SPICY. It is amazing on a burger.
Nancy G. September 18, 2015
Barista for the best mocha in town (or Rain or Shine coffee house for a killer cardamom latte), Pip's for some yummy doughnuts (and mind blowing chai!), Hale Pele for cocktails (because--Tiki bar), Ground Breaker Brewing for some amazing craft beer (that also happens to be gluten free), and a stroll through the Japanese garden.
tedpets September 18, 2015
Mid-century marvel that is the Driftwood Room in the Hotel Deluxe.
cnewby September 18, 2015
Hubers for Spanish Coffee for sure. Salt & Straw for ice cream that will take you to a state of bliss and The Dragonfly Coffee House is amazeballz.
scartr September 18, 2015
Find Chris Carter, he crashes on couches and makes a mean blackened Mahi Mahi
dymnyno September 18, 2015
For an experience at two of Portland's oldest establishments who are beloved by the locals, don't forget The Ringside for steaks and famous onion rings, and Jake's Seafood (both close to Burnside). My husband was such a regular at Jake's that he and his cronies have a brass plaque on one of the tables.
Caity W. September 18, 2015
You must go to Jim & Pattys for coffee! Go to the one on freedom to. It's so wonderfully Portland. And get a pig Newton or Super Jack while you're at it!
Mia C. September 18, 2015
Coava coffee is awesome. (And could you miss a trip to Stumptown?! Go to the one next to Powell's and hit two must-sees at once!) Voodoo is really over-hyped and actually not all that good. Plus the line is always ridiculous. Like everyone's been saying, Blue Star or Pip's Original is the way to go! What IS worth the lines is Salt and Straw. And you'll be blessed by food cart goodness at Feast PDX, so you're covered there.

The 4T trail that someone else mentioned is the great way to spend some off-time: nature and a good view of Portland! Forest park is great. If you have more time, though, hit I-84 and cruise to the gorge! Multnomah Falls is the obvious choice, but there are pleeenty more waterfalls and PNW goodness within just a few miles. Worth it!
nellacucina September 18, 2015
As others have said, skip Voodoo and hit Blue Star instead for donuts. And the Spanish coffee at Huber's is an institution, and deservedly so. Prepared theatrically table side; flaming concoctions that do not disappoint.
And Pream for pizza!
Brianne September 18, 2015
Beer: Breakside in North Portland, Ex Novo, Cascade Barrel House
Cocktail: Box Social on Williams
Design shops: Ink & Peat - so many lovelies!
Parks and places to go for a hike: In the city; Washington Park, Forest Park, Mt. Tabor, Peninsula Park. Sneak out to the gorge and Pfriem for lunch/beer if you've got more time.
Other delicious food: recently went to Kachka and it
K N. September 18, 2015
Definitely Blue Star for donuts, Pepe le Moko for a cocktail, Spella (closed weekends), Coava or Case Study for coffee, google Portland 4T for the trail, tram, trolley, train loop for a fun overview of Portland, Tryon or Forest Park for more outdoorsy goodness
Briana P. September 18, 2015
I have worked in coffee for 4 years now. I have been to over 20 coffee shops in portland. Good Coffee and Upper Left Coffee Roasters are my two favorite. Upper Left also has an amazing toast menu.

Ex Nova is a non-profit brewery that is super unique in concept. Great beer and great food. Bacon for the table is an appetizer, because why the heck not?
Shannon September 17, 2015
Luce Italian Restaurant, Spanish Coffee at Huber's, Big Top cupcake at St. Cupcake. And Pambiche just for fun.
Lillian S. September 17, 2015
Oh - also load up on some fancy salts at The Meadow.
Lillian S. September 17, 2015
Ned Ludd. Get the chocolate chip cookie. It does not disappoint! And, go for everything else.
Daniel A. September 17, 2015
Stumptown for coffee.
Blue Star for donuts.
Salt and Straw for ice cream.

Repeat every 4 hours.
Martita September 17, 2015
Oh yes, Bete Lukas for Ethiopian!
maymelehan September 17, 2015
Best under-rated spots= Tanuki, a tiny Japanese punk restaurant with an omakase menu that rocks. Sunshine Tavern on division has great, simple pizzas and main courses. Skip the donuts and have Pine Street Biscuits!
Andy September 17, 2015
Just got back from a meals Kachka and Ava Gene's. Also Nostrana, Ha Vl, Roman Candle, Boke Bowl. Day trip to Columbia River Gorge. If the roses are in bloom in the park, they are wonderful. Saturday market at PSU. Coffee at Coava on Grand Ave. Cathedral Park.