Golden Panko Latkes with Sour Cream and Chives

December  3, 2010

See A&M make micki barzilay's lovely, ultra-crunchy Golden Panko Latkes with Sour Cream and Chives -- one of the finalists in our contest for Your Best Potato Pancakes. Get tips for squeezing and fluffing your latkes to perfection and learn all about A&M's 2 schools of frying, plus a substitute for pastry flour, which only took us about 7 tries to figure out. (A warning: this video was shot the morning after our Piglet Party, so we were all a tad loopy).

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by talented filmmaker Elena Parker. For more latke inspiration, see the contest page here.

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    Count Mockula
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    happy Dave
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Count M. December 7, 2010
This worked great! I've never made good latkes before, and they came out perfectly.
chef.luis December 5, 2010
Very nice and easy! Thanks for sharing, I'll try it soon! :)
happy D. December 5, 2010
This may be too late to be helpful but when I have made latkes I added the salt to the
pancake(s) while in the frying pan thus avoiding the leakage of potatoe water that salt added to the batter ahead of time creates...
Daphne December 4, 2010
I've never known the secrets to good latkes before. Thanks, this video taught me a lot! will be making them often now!