Not Sad Desk Lunch

Why Yogurt Tartines Just Might Be the Perfect Lunch

October  6, 2015

Behold: Another way to work Greek yogurt into your diet.

More often than not, packing lunch comes down to simple math: One sandwich plus one apple plus a small salad equals lunch. Divide the sandwich in half and you may have to add a small cup of soup; take the derivative of the sandwich and you have a meat and cheese plate with some toast. Start snacking on potato chips and watch how they increase exponentially

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Recently, I discovered another formula: Toast plus Greek yogurt plus a vegetable spread equals a pack-ahead lunch that's a step above the trusty sandwich. Several lunches later, I've found that I'm a devotee at the altar of yogurts and spreads: It's easy to pack, its desk-side assembly makes me feel like I'm at a picnic, it makes use of a semi-homemade lunch, and has all the components of a filling meal—some carbs, protein, and fiber. Oh, and it's delicious. 

Last week's lunch was a beautiful marriage between Greek yogurt and Kendra Vaculin's Eggplant Miso Tahini Spread.

Here's how to do it:

1. At the start of the week, make five servings of a batch of a roasted vegetable spread or thick dip: Think zucchini butter, guacamole, or eggplant-tahini spread.

2. On Monday, bring a container of plain Greek yogurt to leave in your office's refrigerator. If you don't have a refrigerator, simply pack the Greek yogurt in with the spread the morning-of—they're both going on the toast, anyways.

3. That morning, slice and toast your bread of choice at home.

4. In a roughly quart-sized container, put a serving of the spread at the bottom, then cover it with a square of plastic wrap. Place the bread on top of the plastic wrap (which will keep it from getting soggy).

5. At lunch, schmear the Greek yogurt across your toast, then top with your vegetable or fruit spread. Rejoice in your renewed love of math.

Have you recently discovered a go-to lunch? Are you, too, a member of Greek Yogurt and Spread Lovers Anonymous? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo by Leslie Stephens

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I eat everything.


A.S. June 25, 2018
Seriously, when will people stop promoting wasteful things like plastic wrap. Is it so hard to just bring two separate containers?
judi H. January 4, 2016
This does indeed sound lovely. Tartines are incredibly versatile and delicious. I love them with scrambled eggs and goat cheese and avocado smash...but please...humor an old English major...avoid the non word "anyways." Fingernails on a blackboard.
MarieGlobetrotter October 6, 2015
That is actually a big thing in Belgium. growing up, we used to make thick tartines with Fromage Blanc (similar to Greek yogurt - topped with a sprinkle Tirlemont cassonade (moist beige sugar or honey. You eat these for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon.
For savory version: fromage blanc and thin slices of radishes and celery salt
Try it out!
boymeetsgirlmeetsfood October 6, 2015
This sounds fantastic! Will definitely do this next week, and maybe bring in a smattering of different veggies (spinach, shaved carrot, microgreens, capsicum etc.) to switch things up daily with.