Social Media-Famous Cheese, Croissant-Loading, and More from the #F52Fieldtrip

September 29, 2015

Here's what happens when you let 50 food-loving Instagram addicts loose in an opera house filled with cheese.

Yesterday the Food52 staff ventured away from their computers for a field trip (thanks to our ambassador of FUN Jojo). Our first stop? Hudson, New York. (And check out #F52fieldtrip to see all of the photos we took throughout the day.)

But first: some croissant-loading. 


The fun started as soon as we got on the bus.

We made it to Hudson! Some of us chose to do a little shopping...and some found other ways to pass the time.

Our next stop was the beautiful Hudson Opera House, where our friends from Hawkins and Talbott & Arding served the dreamiest lunch we've ever seen.

Here, the Instagram-famous cheese:

Evidence, caught by Leslie: 

Evidence of the evidence, caught by Mike:

After all that cheese, we went to Grieg farm to frolic in fields, pick plenty of apples, and make friends with some locals (we mean goats).

And back to N.Y.C. by nightfall. Soon our Instagrams will be filled with cakes once again...

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