Editors' Picks — Potato Pancakes

December  9, 2010

Once again, we want to give a big thanks to all of our volunteer recipe testers for your thoughtful comments and for helping us continue to strengthen our recipe recommendations. You can read each tester's comments by clicking through to the Editors' Picks recipes — the comments are under "Amanda and Merrill's Notes" at the top. And even if the recipe you tested wasn't chosen as an EP, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

Congratulations to another great batch of Editors' Picks!

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gabrielaskitchen December 10, 2010
@HannahFood sorry I missed the deadline but I did review you recipe (which was fabulous, by the way!) and took photos! xogabriela here's the link:
BlueKaleRoad December 10, 2010
Thanks for the great review, Gabriela, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the latkes. Your photo is terrific! My husband likes your suggestion of eggs with them. :) Congratulations to all!
gabrielaskitchen December 14, 2010
Thanks! Also, you may find this funny... I don't have a grater (eeeek, I know) so my boyfriend had to thinly slice the potatos by hand. He was okay with it in the end because the results of your recipe were fabulous!
nannydeb December 10, 2010
Congratulations EPs and thanks thirschfield for the nice review!
Table9 December 10, 2010
Congratulations everyone!
lapadia December 10, 2010
Congratulations to all. And, thanks for the wonderful review AJ!
testkitchenette December 9, 2010
Congrats to all here on getting into the EP pool! I can cook across the world map with all of the different variations!