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A Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin! + 13 More Stencils for No-Fail Carving

October 17, 2015

It's just about time to haul pumpkins out to your front stoop and start carving.

And because we couldn't resist yet another opportunity to show how much we love to cook (and eat), we had the talented artist Adriana Gallo draw some Food52-inspired stencils.

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To carve a piece of pie, a turkey, a leaf of kale, or some anchovies onto your own pumpkin, simply download and print the image.

Cut loosely around the shape, then affix it to your scooped-out pumpkin (we used a heavy-duty tape) and work with a sharp, sturdy awl to poke holes all around the shapes you want to remove.

Take off the paper and use a sharp knife to trace over the dotted lines. Poke out the shapes, stick some candles in hollowed-out squash and voilà: You've got yourself your best jack-o'-lantern yet.








Photos by James Ransom; art by Adriana Gallo

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