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See the Not Sad Desk Lunch We Brought to the WeWork Offices

October 20, 2015

Last week we officially started a Not Sad Desk Lunch movement—a defiant rally cry against the sad, uninspired lunches of the world and a call for all of us to do better, one day at a time. (Have you shown us your #notsaddesklunch yet?) 

But really, we’ve been at it for years. And we’ve been out in the world—taking our moment on the road—for months. So every week we’re going to take you to another establishment we visited and show you what we cooked. Today? We're showing you the only office we know of that has a pillow mountain, WeWork

  Left: We weren't kidding: pillow mountain. (And ping pong!). Right: We had lunch to make, but first, Kenzi popped into their super cool phone booths to make a quick call. (And debated playing a quick game of ping pong immediately after.)

Lunch prep began: We brought arugula, cucumbers, celery, red onion, capers, herbs, and mozzerella with us—all of this got sliced up and tossed with some stale bread we'd torn up the day before. Onto the panzanella went a quick sherry vinegar and shallot vinaigrette (we used this Not Recipe!) and a little salt and pepper. Along with a few plates of sliced pears, dark chocolate, olives, and wedges of cheese, lunch was served. 

Right: Kristen dutifully slicing celery, Right: All the happy lunchers. 

The verdict? We'll let the salad bowl speak for itself: 

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To make this salad at your office: 

  • Tote in a jar of vinaigrette and leave it in the office fridge (anything oil-and-vinegar based works well for this salad). 
  • The day of, bring sliced cucumbers, red onion, celery, a clamshell of salad greens, stale bread, mozzerella, and herbs (and capers if you have them) with you. 
  • At your desk or in your office kitchen, tear up the stale bread and cheese, dump the vegetables into a bowl, and combine everything with a healthy pour of vinagrette. Toss, then season with a bit of salt and pepper if needed. 

What is your Not Sad Desk Lunch today? Tell us in the comments!   

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Liz October 20, 2015
This salad looks delicious! I love the #notsaddesklunch movement.