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The First Not Sad Desk Lunch We Took On the Road

October 27, 2015

The Not Sad Desk Lunch revolution continues. 

See that beauty? That's the very first not sad desk salad we took on the road, to the Madewell headquarters.

The very first entry in the Not Sad Desk Lunch scrapbook. 

Left: Ali, dutifully washing the beets and fennel. Right: Our tenderly wrapped babushka of vegetables waiting patiently in the Madewell lobby. 
You remembered the vinaigrette, right? 

The cardinal rule of Not Sad Desk Lunch is that they should never be too perfect. Just to make sure of that, we did this. (Madewell nicely cut us some slack—it was our very first lunch, after all.)  

The finished salad—and happy lunch in action. 
If you need us, this is where we'll be. 

Here's how to make our salad  at your office: 

  • You already have a jar of vinaigrette in your office, right? We made ours with olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, shallots, herbs, and a big dollop of yogurt stirred in at the end. Here's a rough blueprint.
  • In your office, thinly slice beets (yellow or chioggia work best; and yes, raw!), apples, and fennel. Dump in a generous handful of lentils, and add whatever herbs you have on hand—we used cilantro and dill.
  • But remember: Salads like these are the original not recipes: Don't like beets? Swap them out for carrots. Have extra brown rice in your fridge and you don't feel like cooking lentils? In it goes. A good Not Sad Desk Lunch asks that you be willing to play.
  • Dress; toss; season; be happy. 

We want to see your lunches! Instagram them and tag them #notsaddesklunch—we'll share our favorites. 

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Olivia October 27, 2015
Unrelated (sort of - it is Madewell after all) question: Where did both of you ladies find your boots?
Kenzi W. October 27, 2015
Haha, mine are actually Madewell. That wasn't planned! Amanda's are Cole Haan.