From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

November  2, 2015

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stand. It was a marathon weekend!


Spent some time in a very very old house this weekend, which was inspiring for a million reasons but especially because of this wallpaper. —Amanda S.

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I spent Saturday in the office, listening to Christmas music (side note: I'm Jewish; it was October 31st) and carving squash for a TOP SECRET UPCOMING PROJECT. While the squash were in the oven, I took the 3 quince we got in this week's CSA from Local Roots and simmered them into quince jam. —Sarah



Friend and former community manager Madeline, spotted while running her first marathon! That's her in the gray shorts. —Taylor


My favorite part of the NYC Marathon is cheering the runners on, giving someone just enough of a boost to make it another mile. —Sam

What did you get up to this weekend? Tell us in the comments.

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AntoniaJames November 2, 2015
Last big summer fruit jam project of the year - late season pluots, so full of flavor: Also, herb gardening + sorting / cleaning / donating to the East Bay Depot for Creative Use about a dozen ceramic and terra cotta pots I no longer need.
This weekend: Paul Virant's Pumpkin Butter (!) Genius recipe; plus finalize project plan for Thanksgiving Day and all meals leading up to it, and through the Sunday after it. (I'll be working on that throughout the week, printing recipes for my project notebook, reviewing my freezer inventory to decide what will be used, when, updating shopping list for staples and supplies, etc.) ;o)