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The Easiest Thing You're Making This Thanksgiving

November  4, 2015

This quick, easy, customizable idea came from Yasmina Jacobs at Eat Make Celebrate, who says to make a napkin ring using a rosemary sprig. The idea is so simple, and so perfect for the season, that we couldn't help but take it a step further and do the same to a whole bouquet of herbs.

herb napkin rings

All you need is some fresh herbs and some flower wire (and napkins, of course). Here's how to make them:

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1. Source your herbs!

Look for the longest, freshest sprigs of herbs you can find—rosemary is an obvious contender, but smaller, leafier herbs like sage, thyme, and oregano will do too. If they're a little dry, Yasmina suggests soaking in warm water for 1 to 2 hours to make them more pliable; dry thoroughly before beginning. 

2. Link the herbs together with wire. 

diy napkin rings

Starting with a single spring and a length of wire, bind the herbs into a long strand by wrapping the wire around each sprig as you lay it on top of the one before it, working down. When you've gone a few inches, you should have enough to wrap around the napkins. 

3. Wrap in a ring around napkins.

Wrap the herb strand around the middle of the napkins with the wire, securing it wherever the wire ends to hold. Experiment with other herbs, and use a variety!

Photos by Bobbi Lin.

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Pam S. December 15, 2015
simple and beautiful!
Have done this with fake greenery, but never herbs! Thanks!
Natasa D. November 6, 2015
This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!
Alexis A. November 4, 2015
loving this!!!