This year, our favorite holiday may look a little different—but that doesn't mean it should be any less special. Our team, community, and Resident Experts are here with top-notch recipes and a handful of helpful tips so your planning is as stress-free as possible. Come on in, we've got a lot of great stuff to share...

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Marissa Mullen

Marissa Mullen

Food52's Resident Cheese Plater

"I love incorporating a variety of flavors and textures on my cheese plates to make them a bit more interesting. For me, making a plate is almost a form of meditation. You take the time to deliberately prep your items, forcing you to slow down and reflect in the present moment. It’s a medium for your creativity to shine!"

The Bird

Take it From Jacques

Mains That Aren't Turkey

Meryl Feinstein

Meryl Feinstein

Food52's Resident Pasta Maker

"We all know that Thanksgiving 2020 will be unlike any other. The usual sixteen-pound turkey, eight sides, three pies, and a few second cousins? Maybe not. But even though a buzzing banquet table isn’t in the cards, there are still ways we can make this season feel special. In my experience, especially during difficult times, making fresh pasta not only provides solace but also a hands-on way to connect with loved ones."

Side Story

Ready, Set, Sides!
Maurizio Leo

Maurizio Leo

Food52's Resident Bread Baker

"A rustic miche is great for the holidays. I love this style of bread; it’s essentially a large, round sourdough loaf that in the past was baked to feed a family for an entire week. It’s quite the sight when carved up into quarters and scattered on the dinner table. I mix it by hand and it feels amazing when you’re shaping that much dough in a single mass."

Save Room for Dessert

The Pie Spectacular

Clink Clink

Elliott Clark

Elliott Clark

Food52's Resident Bartender

"A simple trick to make your holiday cocktails feel a little more special? Using a small culinary torch, burn a cinnamon stick to garnish your drinks. It not only fills the room with a really nice aroma, but it’s also visually appealing. People love to see the smoke and that attention to detail."

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