Holiday Breakfasts

December 23, 2010


mainecoon December 23, 2010
Ditto sagegreen. It will come in very handy if you leave it up long enough for my daughter to show me how to save it! I spent too long this a.m. trying to find the savory french toast, coming up blank with every "enter", only this eve to find it all llaid out for me. This is a terrific blog and I thank you for it. JUST DON'T MOVE IT TIL I SAVE IT! December 23, 2010
all so good! I love the Soft Scrambled Eggs one. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
wssmom December 23, 2010
How can I just oick one? Or two? They all look heavenly ....
meredith December 23, 2010
just what I wanted!
Sagegreen December 23, 2010
Thanks for the round-up! This will come in handy.