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3 Ways to Put Your Pitchers to Better Use

November 18, 2015

Thinking back to the beginning of design school, one of the first rules we learned was that good design is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also has to function for the user. This is something I keep in mind often when both designing and consuming products, and not surprisingly, some of my favorite goods are ones that serve a variety of purposes.

Take, for example, the pitcher: It can be a vessel for drinks, a holder for kitchen tools, a vase for flowers, or even just a sculptural art piece. Seek out a simple design like the muted ceramic style of this Large Cut Out Rimmed Pitcher, and you’re guaranteed to get some mileage out of it. Looking for inspiration? Below I’ve styled a few of my favorite ways to use the design in my own home.

1) On The Dining Table

A sculptural, neutrally-toned pitcher blends beautifully into almost any tabletop. Whether you’re serving glasses of milk alongside dessert or some lemonade to accompany a simple lunch spread, this pitcher works great for passing around to guests, seamlessly blending both form and function.

2) In The Living Room

One of my favorite weekend pastimes is to sit curled up in a comfortable chair with a good book or knitting project, and the nearest side table is a great place to display fresh greenery alongside a candle and a cup of tea. Pick up a bundle of leafy greenery either from the flower mart or your front yard—something low-fuss like eucalyptus is a good bet for any space—and arrange the stems in abundance using the pitcher as a vase.

3) In The Kitchen

Never underestimate the power of a fresh bouquet of flowers to spruce up a space; one of my favorite places to do so is in the kitchen. Otherwise stacked with plates and tools used to whip up a meal, the kitchen shelf is the perfect place to add a bit of life and an accent of color. A pitcher like this is the perfect size and hue to accompany any style of serveware—and you could also use it for wrangling spoons and spatulas by the stove.

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What creative ways do you use a pitcher in the home? Share your ideas in the comments.

Jessica Comingore is a photographer, interior designer, and art director based in Los Angeles; she writes a blog, too.

Photos by Jessica Comingore.

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Jessica is a Los Angeles based designer and art director whose work aims to balance subtlety, grace, and quiet sophistication. She founded her design studio in 2012, which specializes in refined visuals for emerging lifestyle brands. Building off of her formal interior design training, Jessica imparts her eye for detail and appreciation for simplicity into all facets of her work, including The Elysian Edit, which she launched in 2016 as a way of showcasing the people, places and practices she finds inspiring.