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1 Minute Meal: Developing a Food Vocabulary

December  3, 2015

Dave Cook, author and photographer behind the blog Eating in Translation, is New York's most intrepid food reporter. He's semi-anonymously walked hundreds of miles and taken thousands of photographs of foods, businesses, and neighborhoods across the New York tristate area. His notes are spread across some 4,000 posts, consolidating over 8,000 bites of food over the past ten years.

While the majority of New York food writing covers restaurants and cooks, Cook is drawn most of all to community events—religious gatherings, community picnics, cultural celebrations, and bazaars. Here, he builds a peculiar relationship with the resident cooks of New York and everything they bring to the table. While the promise of a particular dish can inspire an hours-long trek to taste it, Cook stresses that this is only one hint at the greater world, which one can just barely experience by taking a bite.

1 Minute Meal is a micro-documentary series dedicated to capturing the many faces of New York City through the lens of food.

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