Food52 Holiday Market

How to Make the Cookies from the Food52 Holiday Market

December  9, 2015

If you've visited our Food52 Holiday Market, you already know about the free cookies. If you haven't had the chance to visit (yet!), we'll fill you in: Next to the cash registers is a tray of cookies dreamed up by Amanda and Merrill, and next to that tray is a constant stream of people cooing and oohing at those cookies.

Free cookies are the best cookies (especially when they're these cookies!) Photo by Alpha Smoot

The cookies were created for the Food52 Cookie Truck, roaming around New York City this week (follow along on Twitter for location updates. But they were too good to reserve for the truck, and what would a Holiday Market be without cookies?

For those who couldn't get enough of Merrill's Soft Chocolate Almond Cherry Cookies or Amanda's Chewy Vanilla Spice Cookies with Chocolate Chunks (Vegan, too!), here are the recipes so you can make them at home:

Will you be making the cookies at home? What else could you not get enough of at the holiday market? Tell us in the comments below!

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