How to Give the Gift of California Sunshine

December 14, 2015

Many of us will be burrowed away this holiday season, nestled between relatives and draped in sweaters and socks to avoid what's going on outside. We'll dream of warmer places—of California.

Photo by James Ransom

There are tools to help you taunt your family members—we mean, to generously dote upon them—by bringing a bit of that sunshine to bleaker parts. These tools are gifts, California-made gifts. Whether they're made from flora or citrus or another fruit, they'll bring brightness and lightness to every soup-filled complainer around. Here are some of our favorite California-made gifts. (Now if only we could figure out how to get In-N-Out to you.)

To give the gift of citrus:

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To gift green things:

To gift other fruits (get it?) of the Golden State's labor:

And finally, the books that bring California produce all together:

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