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A No-Wire Variation on the Dried Flower Wreath

December 31, 2015

Last month, I shared a DIY for a dried flower wreath that's made by securing bunches of dry Gomphrena poms to a basic wreath using wire. For this even more minimalist variation, omit the wire and use another skinny length of grapevine to attach dried plantain stems—that flowering weed that pokes through cracks in the sidewalk no matter how hard you try to kill it—to the basic wreath.

In other words: When life gives you weeds, make a wreath.

Photo by Rinne Allen

What you'll need:

  • Wild grapevine, wisteria vine, or store-bought grapevine wreath for base
  • Dried plantain shoots
Photo by Rinne Allen

How to make it:

1. Twist together a wreath of grapevine.

Forage for grapevine or wisteria—or any other vine that has a little bend to it—and twist together the freshly cut lengths to make a wreath shape. Don't bother removing any of the leaves or stems that stick out from it.

Photo by Rinne Allen

2. Prep your dried plantain.

Considered a weed, the "flowering" part of this plant is actually a cluster of seeds. When dried out, as it does naturally this time of year, the seeds will fall off and leave a pod-shaped knot at the end. Gather a few dozen of these from the yard or the sidewalk.

Photo by Rinne Allen

3. Attach it to the wreath.

Using a piece of thin grapevine, wrap the dried plantain or other material to the wreath. I connected these plantain stems at their base, for a wild and loose look, but you could affix them closer to the pod if preferred. Hang indoors or outdoors.

Photo by Rinne Allen

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Mandy O'Shea

Written by: Mandy O'Shea