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A Dried DIY Wreath That Will Last All Winter (& Beyond)

December 11, 2015

This time of year, you'll likely be able to purchase dried flower bunches from your local farmers market—which are wonderful because you can continue to display them throughout winter, well past the holiday season. The variety of dried flowers or foraged items that can be used to make this wreath are endless, but I chose to use Gomphrena, an annual with little pom-pom-shaped flowers that feel timeless and a little wintry when dried.

A bushel of dry Gomphrena and finished wreath. Photo by Rinne Allen

What you'll need:

  • Wild grapevine, wisteria vine, or store-bought grapevine wreath for base
  • Dried flower material, such as Gomphrena
  • 22-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
Dried Gomphrena Photo by Rinne Allen

1. Create the base wreath.

After purchasing or foraging your dried material—be it wisteria or grapevine—make a simple twisted wreath with the freshly cut lengths (or you can just purchase a pre-made wreath at your local craft store, in which case, skip to step 2):

Remove any remaining leaves from the vines before shaping.

A twist of wisteria vine creates the base wreath. Photo by Rinne Allen

Lay out the vines, overlapping them to create a length of roughly five to six feet. Grab the overlapped vines in the middle of the length and give a simple twist, then bring the ends around to form a circle in your desired wreath size. (Using 5-foot lengths will result in a wreath approximately 12 inches across.)

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Wind the excess vines around the circle and tuck the vine ends into the wreath.

A circle of wisteria vine with the ends tucked in. Photo by Rinne Allen

2. Prep and attach dried flowers to the wreath.

Cut the dried stems (in this case we used Gomphrena, but your options are endless) into various lengths ranging from 2 to 4 inches—though if you are making a larger wreath, you can cut your dried material a bit longer. Secure one end of your 22-gauge wire to the wreath by wrapping it around the wreath then twisting the wire onto itself, like a twist tie.

Everything you need to make the finished wreath. Photo by Rinne Allen

Gather up a small bundle of Gomphrena stems and lay them onto the face of the grapevine wreath, with the stems of the material on top of the secured wire. Wrap the wire around the bundle twice, pulling tightly enough to secure the material without breaking the stems, then lay the second bundle half way down from the first bundle and wrap with wire the same way.

Secure a bundle of dry blooms by wrapping wire gently but tautly around the stems. Photo by Rinne Allen

Continue this process, laying dried flowers on the wreath and attaching their stems with wire, until the wreath is covered.

Photo by Rinne Allen

On your final wrap, leave enough wire to tie off the wreath to keep it secure. Hang it wherever you need a bit of cheer (since it lasts so long there's no harm in making a little room amongst your wall art).

The finished wreath. Photo by Rinne Allen
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Mandy O'Shea

Written by: Mandy O'Shea

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Izzy S. December 6, 2016
So beautiful. Scandinavian Christmas inspired? :)