From Where We Stand: Holiday Edition

December 31, 2015

We're coming to you from faraway places: Barns in upstate New York, Reno, Tennessee—even halfway across the globe (see below for evidence). Here's how the world looks from where we stand (dispersed for the holidays) this past week.

Wrapping presents just got a whole lot sweeter. #threeshadesofgrey #f52tencommandments #f52life

A photo posted by Lindsay-Jean Hard (@linnylot) on

Lindsay-Jean, putting us all to shame with her wrapping game.

Ladies and gentleman, It's snow time. #f52life

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And here's Bridget, watching the snow fall from her barn upstate.

Another Christmas Eve in NYC, another bottle of bubbly in a hotel bar (this year, @thecarlylehotel). #f52life

A photo posted by Samantha Weiss-Hills (@thereforesamiam) on

Sam celebrated Christmas Eve in style at Bemelmans.

Thought about coming back and then was like, "Nah."

A photo posted by sarahjampel (@sarahjampel) on

Can you hear Sarah's mic drop all the way from Indonesia?

Chestnuts roasting > Jack Frost nippin'

A photo posted by Amanda (@mandasims) on

Amanda Sims roasted chestnuts for the first time. New tradition?

So Kenzi tried, too. Hers were only okay, but she's not giving up.

Amanda & clan report from the Jelly Belly Factory in California.

And Gabi learns her grandpa's secret garlic butter recipe.

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