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5 Companies That Are Making Home Design Easier

January 16, 2016

When we're not mulling over the price of butters and spices, figuring out the perfect way to recreate a sandwich we spotted on instagram (and then besting it), or laboring over a $70 jar of XO sauce, we're often puzzling over our homes—have you noticed?

If I move the couch to that wall, will it open things up? Where, oh where, can I find the chair of my dreams? How much is it going to cost if we turn this studio into a 1-bedroom?

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We're all about bringing you solutions and inspiration for your interiors—and sometimes the best way to do that is make a few introductions. We scoured the internet and rounded up 5 of our favorite online home and design services, which will make it easier than ever to upgrade your space exactly to your liking, without even leaving the cozy comfort of your home.

To Make Renovating A Lot Less Scary: Sweeten

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For those fortunate enough to own actual square footage of this planet, even if it's on the 4th floor of an urban walk-up building, it's possible you'll need to renovate in some way to suit you or your family's needs (unless you built it yourself). Sweeten's here to make the whole process less daunting—and even fun!

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How does it work? Those embarking on a home renovation can post their project to Sweeten's public board. The company then evaluates your needs and matches you up with an expert contractor—who will help you budget, plan, and pull off your dream reno without losing your mind. Sweet deal.

Cost: Free!

For Online Interior Design Advice: Decorist

Photo by Decorist

All of a sudden, there are lots of design services on the internet, but Decorist stands out. Instead of calling a friend to help you decide between paint chips, choose from their tiers of interior designers (you can even hire celebrities like Celerie Kemble and (Chloe Warner), who will help you design the space of your dreams all for a flat and surprisingly affordable rate.

How does it work? Take a style quiz to be matched with an interior designer (or begin by choosing one from their list), pay the flat fee depending on the tier (a.k.a. price-point) you choose. You'll receive two room concepts to choose from, have a chance to exchange feedback, and end up with a complete room design from floor plan to shopping list in no time. They'll even order products for you, too!

Cost? Design packages start at $199/room.

For Creating Custom Fabrics & Upholstery: Guildery

Photo by Guildery

Shopping for fabrics, upholstering, and mixing patterns can all be intimidating ventures—and a bit of a gamble since creativity is required to envision how a finished piece will look in your home. Enter Guildery, an online service for choosing (and making custom!) fabrics that will work with what you've got.

How does it work? Choose from Guildery's pattern library—or upload a digital file of your own design—and apply it to their range of shapes (from throw pillows, wallpaper, and napkins to reams of raw fabrics). The finished product will be shipped straight to your door.

Cost? Designs and fabrics range in price.

For Growing A Vegetable Garden That Stays Alive: Edyn

Photo by Edyn

Growing a vegetable garden is an emotional art, wherein trial and error play a large part of the journey. But if the whole idea of starting one is daunting to you—which foods would grow best in my space? how can I keep them alive?—there's Edyn. Their app will give you advice about selecting plants (from a database of over 5,000) that would thrive where you live, and their products (like a "garden sensor" that tracks conditions in the soil and local weather and sends real-time stats and care advice to your phone) are made for those who don't want to risk defeat.

How does it work? Buy the app to make smarter decisions about vegetables to plant, and then buy their $100 sensor, jam it in your soil, and watch stats roll into your smartphone—and your garden thrive.

Cost? Free to download app; $100 for garden sensor.

For Locally-Made Custom Furnishings: Interior Define

Photo by Interior Define

Have you ever had a vision for the perfect piece of furniture but can't seem to find the design anywhere—and aren't in any position to splurge on a custom piece? It's often a problem with couches, which need to be just right to fit in nooks and be comfy and still have a certain very you swagger. Interior Define is changing that—with direct access to manufacturers and therefore lower costs, high-quality materials, and customizable sofa designs.

How does it work? Choose from one of Interior Define's sofa templates, select the fabric, color, legs, and length that suits you, gape at the low price (and even opt for a payment plan!), and see the couch of your dreams arrive at your door.

Cost? Couch designs start at $900.

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Eric L. April 10, 2017
Before any home renovation, remodeling, redesign, and moving. We are facing problems for home interior and exterior, therefore, we require professional help and take suggestions from experts regarding home design. Home interior is the best attractive part of every home, it catches the attention of the viewer and therefore, we choose best home design companies and their ideas. Here from this article we can easily found 5 home design companies and their design instructions. Thanks for this wonderful collection.