11 Sloppy Recipes to Make While Riding Out This Stock Market Slump

January 21, 2016

The stock exchange can be one scary place. Global economies are on the line, and millions upon millions of dollars can be lost or gained in an instant. Plus, there’s all those people crowded together, angrily shouting, and waving their arms around (at least, that’s what the movies have taught me, anyway). As stocks slide, emotions rise, and it’s easy to see how a market downturn can quickly turn into a personal plummet.

Things took a turn for the worse yesterday, as stocks across the board began to tumble. Don't sweat too much: We've rounded up 11 sloppy, sensational comfort foods to help you through this stock market slump.

What totally messy, but totally worth it, foods do you turn to in times of tumult? Let us know in the comments!

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

It's mostly a matter of yeast.