What to Listen to On Your Snowy Commute

January 25, 2016

There's something about the day after a snow day that makes getting around a city so much worse. Maybe it's a case of the Post-Snow Day Blues, or the fact that everyone who biked to work is now rushing onto your subway car, or it's the human-eating puddle that looked like it was solid ground until the moment it enveloped you and your "waterproof" boots.

Just pretend you're here, and not knee-deep in a slush puddle. Photo by Bobbi Lin

However you're getting home from work today, here are 8 of our favorite podcast episodes about food to download before you leave the office, because food makes everything better—even if your subway car home is teaching you the true meaning of sardines:

The Cheeseburger Diet by Freakonomics (Dec., 2015)

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Edible Essentials and Small Space Solutions by A Few Things with Claire and Erica (Jan., 2016)

Kids Eat... What?! by The Longest Shortest Time (Aug., 2015)

You Eat What You Are, Part 1 by Freakonomics (May, 2012)

You Gonna Eat That? by This American Life (Dec., 1998)

There's No Such Thing as a Free Appetizer by Freakonomics (June, 2014)

'Times' Restaurant Critic Dishes On Guy Fieri And The Art Of Reviewing by NPR's The Salt (Jan., 2016)

Guts by RadioLab (Not for the faint of heart.) (April, 2012)

What will you be listening to during your commute? Tell us in the comments below!

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Doreen January 28, 2016
Any and all episodes of Spilled Milk!!!