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Sometimes nothing beats good content well-displayed. And, by "sometimes," we mean always. So, in an online world bubbling over with food blogs on just about everything but the kitchen sink (probably that too!), we were thrilled to come across one with a less-is-more approach. FayeFood is a beautiful blog full of crafted writing on this particular foodie's way of life: Faye Hess. From the subtle but chic design to the quality of the written content, we have Faye to thank for this straightforward but ever-interesting blog. We love FayeFood's look, tone, and most of all, food ethos: "She encourages everyone she meets to cook and enjoy eating." We couldn't agree more.

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FayeFoodWith a book to her name (FayeFood) and an extremely impressive food resume under her apron tie, Faye is well-seasoned at resolving the conundrum of what to make for dinner (and she would know -- she's cooked for the likes of Bill Cosby, Shirley MacLaine, and Yoko Ono!). And so, with brand-spankin' new year of menu-planning before us, we turn to Faye who keeps her readers up to date on "what to make and how to make it all taste good." Her approachable recipes flow easily out of the lovely little essays on life and food that are her blog posts. You'll find yourself engrossed in Faye's stories and the way in which she approaches food as it is embedded in culture -- "Beans" and "Recipe: Gingerbread" are two real gems.

Her gorgeous design is understated and calming and the intimate diary entries are addictive, like a quiet conversation between close friends (this is on the internet, mind you.) Not only will you want to keep reading, but Faye's musings, culinary and otherwise, will make you laugh, cry, and smile and your stomach rumble. We also love her charming, if a tad neurotic, manner that comes out in her instructional videos (the "Food in Marriage" video is especially quirky and entertaining.)

This column is entitled "Reciprocity" because it gives us a chance to give back to the online food community. What could be more reciprocal than a look at a site where food, writing, and design come together like butter? Faye: we like your style.  


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Ruth October 1, 2013
I luv Faye & her quirkiness and love of food! I saved the episode of Chopped that she competed on.
The two finalist were not hard to look at! Very cute.
Elizabeth*inNewHaven March 29, 2013
haterofFoodies dear,
Did you sign up on this website just to say mean things about hard working people? I have been following Faye's work for a long time and she is one of the most talented hard working chefs out there. Go eat some butterscotch pudding with butterscotch sauce on it or maybe a dish of pasta with fresh artichokes, mushrooms and leeks. Perhaps it will make you a kinder person.
haterofFoodies March 8, 2013
I just watched Chopped and saw you make an ass out of yourself! Maybe if you concentrated more on cooking instead of auditioning for a TV cooking show you would have done better but you were totally obnoxious!!
KajnFaye February 3, 2012
I just watched Faye on Chopped and I thought she was so funny and looks so comfortable in the kitchen. Unfortunately the judges had a different opinion as she lost in the second round. Where can I find the videos of Faye's cooking.
fayehess January 11, 2012
thank you everybody for your comments! xo
Elizabeth's O. January 13, 2011
All I want from Faye is MORE, and I want it everytime I read or see her work, she is funny, insightful, very real and an amazing cook. For more Faye check out her Dinner Confidential series on YouTube at I'm waiting for her next book and her tv show.
DaleJ January 12, 2011
I'm so thrilled that Food52 has found Faye Hess! My friend Jen Hess (Last Night's Dinner) (and no relation to Faye) asked me if this Faye is the same Faye I've been talking about for years, and I said YES! I'm a big fan of Faye the person and the chef. She exudes a laid back quirkiness and a passion for food that you can see is in every fiber of her being. She taught me to breathe and that the finest cooking tools I'll ever need are at the ends of my arms! Congrats, Faye!! And, thank you!
healthierkitchen January 12, 2011
Thank you for "introducing" me to Faye! I just love the videos.
lastnightsdinner January 12, 2011
This is so fun for me because Faye Hess (no relation) is a good friend and former neighbor of my dear friend Dale, who took me under her wing when I first moved to NYC and who also accompanied me to the food52 launch party! I've heard all sorts of stories about and have seen beautiful photos from Faye's cooking classes abroad, and it is so wonderful to see her featured here.
wssmom January 12, 2011
This is outstanding! Thank you so much!
mrslarkin January 12, 2011
This is simple and so lovely. Thank you.
Rivka January 12, 2011
No one is more excited about this "reciprocity" column than I am. A while back, I discovered Faye's sweet, sincere, very funny videos on line and was instantly hooked...until I realized there were three, just three lonely videos and nothing more. I searched for more content from her but came up empty...until now. This is such a delightful surprise: I'm so glad to have rediscovered Faye. Thanks, A&M and team, for highlighting her!